After my country Ghana recorded its first Covid-19 case, like most of you ,I started experiencing all the symptoms associated with the covid-19. Worst of it was when I went to the salon to braid my hair. The hairdresser coughed all over me and as if that was not enough, she excused herself to go to the washroom because apparently she was experiencing some stomach upset.Goodness me, I could not wait to get to the house and make lemon mint tea with honey(thinking about it now, this was meant to calm me). I kept telling my family I may have contracted the ” Rona” because of what I went through.I panicked.

I know most of us experienced one symptom or the other after the pandemic became widespread.This is because we are conscious about the happenings and are surrounded by news of it every minute.

These are very hard times for all of us. And people are dealing with this paranoia in different ways because we are different people. But as people of faith ,we must accept this as a test from Allah. And never doubt His mercy.He sees us and knows exactly what is going on. This is the time to be more compassionate to ourselves and others and feed our minds with hope and not fear and panic.

Here are few things to do to make better use of our time and break the boredom.And also maintain good mental and physical health.

Wake up and tackle everyday as an amaanah.

It is easy to binge on movies or social media activities, sleep late and wake up later in the day because we do not have much going on. But remember, time is one thing that Allah swears by. We can get into depression when we keep to one routine.Instead, sleep early and wake up early and engage in acts of worship. Waking up early and taking a shower is positive enough to keep you refreshed to start your day.Make a healthy meal and enjoy.

Write a five minutes journal.

This is the right time to write about how you feel now, what you are grateful for, what you love about yourself, your weaknesses and how to be better .write down negative comments and cross them out, a list of your accomplishments.

It is important to write out your plan for your life. if you want a job, fix your cv (http://www.circumspecte.com), you want to start a business, learn about it.

Listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are a great way to learn if reading is not your style or you like to listen to others.You can do other house chores as you listen too.The ones I’m glued to are Millionaire muslim, Muslim central( Omar Suleiman, Mufti Menk) Islamic history podcast ,muslim storytellers, raising mums and of course listen to mine, Muslim renaissance .

Read a book.

That book which has been on your shelve for so long, that book you loved so much because it revives your spirit.You don’t need to buy a new book. You can start with reading a page every 3 hours.You might end up enjoying it for longer than you expected. you can read motivational moments by Mufti Menk- chapter on patience.

Take a free online course or paid.

Allison, Udemy , Philanthropy university, YALI , seekers guidance for islamic courses. it could be a course on a side hustle you want to go into.You can learn as many courses as you want.Take advantage of paid courses being offered for free or at a discount.

Fun activities with family.

This is a great time to bond with family. You can watch a family movie and discuss, tell stories of the prophets ,draw the family tree, call grandma or any relative on video.It is difficult doing fun activities with older kids, so ask them to suggest things to do together.

Clean up your home.

Your house needs a thorough clean up(as we prepare for Ramadan) and this is the best time to do it together as a family. Assign tasks to each child to give them a sense of responsibility and talk to them about the importance of cleanliness.

Work out at home.

It is important to keep fit and boost your immune system( make healthy smoothies and foods). You can take a walk in the neighbourhood every morning or workout together by watching YouTube to exercise. eg. Amaanah fitness gives you a nice at home work out to follow. You will feel amazing after every session .

Take on a new hobby .

Our brains are excited by new activities and when you find something that excites you, you will enjoy spending time doing that. eg. painting, tennis, cycling, baking, brewing tea, sewing, reading etc.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea.

Pat yourself on the back for having a productive day or take this moment meditate.

Set a reminder to check in on yourself to get you to do what you have to do.You can also adjust this routine https://www.themodestcode.com/2020/03/19/jumuah-routine-for-womenmake-the-most-out-of-this-situation/ to use daily.

Make a conscious effort to build a relationship with your Rabb. do more zikr after every prayer, say as much dua, read more Quran.And do not forget to wash your hands before performing ablution.

Muslims are advised to take advantage of five things before five things. One of which is your good health before your poor health. etc All this stresses the importance of time.Find a few credible sources to get Covid-19 updates to be in the know and do not be quick to share any information you come across.

I hope this was helpful.


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