The favoured one by Allah.

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

I hope you are doing well and thriving in the cause of Allah.Sobs… , forgive me. It is really important that I write to you every Wednesday.

I am currently sitting on my prayer mat with my new pair of glasses as i write this letter.

The statement, “We are our thoughts” is not far from true. I urge you to think positive things and don’t allow pessimism get in your way. We attract what we think.

While I was thinking about writing to you the other day, I really got excited when I received this message from one of you (a dear sisters) warmed my heart .

Alhamdulillah, I thought. Allah has made it easy for me to share His love and warmth with you, and for you to find beauty in it.You are the favoured one.

As we journey through together, it is these reminders and safe communities that will help us keep our game together.In sha Allah

A favoured one finds it easy to comprehend Islam and its teachings.S/he is in a constant search to find Allah and gain closeness to Him.

I love this community of 297 women (and the few men). I was very surprised there are men on here.

Mr. A : I read your loveletters, I enjoy them.

I laughed so hard but also thought, “Alhamdulillah that they find it beneficial to sign up.”

It is my prayer that,Allah increases His favour upon us.That He makes understanding Islam easy but most importantly, Practicing it.

Before I say goodbye, I want to remind you that you are FAVOURED by ALLAH. It is easy to doubt His love for you. But remember He is with you every step of the way. Just believe it.

I would love it if you would recommend these loveletters to your friends/family. let’s share the love and warmth of Allah.

With Love,Fee aamaanillah


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