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A single woman is often policed but If you wish to go on a one woman honeymoon, by all means, make it pleasurable for yourself. Let no person make you feel inadequate because you have no man to ‘complement’ you.

Dear Single woman,

This is a love letter to you to live life to the fullest as a single woman.

Do not equate marriage with success. Live your life as luxuriously as you can in its single form. That’s the only sure way to live luxuriously as a married woman. The way you live your single life is what will transform into being married.

As a married woman, there are days you’ll find yourself in situations that require courage, pure faith, astute strength, absolute confidence, psychological will power and all the accolades you can gather as a woman. If you manage to do all these and keep your head up, marriage will be a walk in the air for you.

Do not bother waiting for marriage. Let marriage come to you. Moreover, some of the men these days are not serious. Enjoy your life as much as you can by doing all the things you love and all that makes you feel whole.

For instance, if as a single woman ,you wish to dress like a married woman, please do me the honors. Similarly,if you want to wear seductive lingeries in the confines of your room, please be my guest. If you wish to go on a one woman honeymoon, by all means, make it pleasurable for yourself. Let no person make you feel inadequate because you have no man to ‘complement’ you. In other words, don’t allow them to make mockery of the choices you make while being a single woman. A man is just another human being created by God. Let God lead his way to you. 

Let not those who think dressing up like a married woman gives you some form of status in a society, get the better part of you. What gives you status is your state of mind and your beliefs. It is in how you carry yourself and live a worthy life. What gives you status is the pride you feel when you look into the mirror and see a copy of your lovely self.

Dear single woman,

If you wish to attain educational and financial heights, please do not let the devil in any chauvinist shroud stop you. Do it for your own sake. Do it for the progeny or Ummah that will come through you.Above all, do it to pride the God that created you as a woman. Oh yes, Do it and enjoy the blessings that come with it. 

Do not let the siblings of spite, vengeance, show off and the ‘all inclusive’ push you into attaining heights that you have no business with especially as single muslim woman. However, be humble in your quest for knowledge, remain sincere and straightforward in your thirst for financial independence. And while at it, love every phase that comes with its growth

In the event that you lose yourself or feel down trodden, take a pause to rejuvenate, be courageous enough to pick yourself up, dust up, press the restart button, or continue from whence you left off. Remember, you can only be proud of yourself when you prove to be better to your own self. You are a powerful force on your own. And that’s a resilient woman enough! Ultimately, the man that comes to meet this, if he’s worth it, will love every bit of you for it. 

Dear single woman,

Be passionate about courtesy and build on your character.
Character is not what you pretend to have. It’s who you truly are and that’s what will take you to places including keeping your future home. Therefore, please do not be complacent; build on it and live a life worthy of emulation.In addition, Strive to live God consciously. Strive for your own peace of mind. Strive to make yourself happy. That’s a sure way to have peace and contentment as a married woman. 

In conclusion, Live life to your fullest. You can read on dating tips for muslim women.

Sincerely yours,

Author: Miss the owner of Naysha consult and Naysha beads and accessories.

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