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Modest outfit hack with selma ismail

“Modest outfit hack” with Selma Usman.

1.What is your ideal Modest outfit style? My ideal modest style would be going for pieces that I feel comfortable wearing and feel good about myself . 2.How do you plan outfit? Firstly, before planning my outfit, I check my calendar and weather app...

“Modestly you” with Imahn Amadou.

What is your ideal style? Abaya/Dresses. Occasionally Palazzos.   2. How do you plan your outfit? Not sure how to answer this. I just go with the flow lol. Also different outfit styles for different occasions. I can’t wear palazzo to a wedding...

“Modestly You” with Salma Mustapha.

What is your ideal style?       My ideal style I’ll say is finding an appropriate outfit for the appropriate occasion. I like to call it Simple but bold.I love to have unique details in my styles. I’ll describe my style as creative...

“Modestly You” with Mariam Mahamah.

1.What is your ideal style?  My ideal style would be one that is modest, simple and elegant. It definitely has to be something I feel comfortable in but also something that I feel good wearing. 2. How do you plan your outfit? I think of where...

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