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Complexity of English Language

Language: Complexity of English language and its future

“English has a history, sometimes cruel and violent with colonialism and war. And introducing English as the global language may be seen as a threat of future dominance!” The history of English begins with ancestorship of the Germanic...

childhood robbed cannot be regained

Childhood stolen cannot be regained.

In the past month I have gone from where is she to ,  and here she is again .  I must confess it feels good to be thought of as a person and not a personality. I wasn’t aware that my people saw me to be so weird and bizarre. But when you grow...

Ramadan ,Muslims do not worship Ramadan

Muslims do not worship Ramadan

Ramadan is over, what good deeds are we continuing our lives with? Ramadan comes to put us in a better relationship with Allah. We know this because we try our best to maximize our times to worship Allah more and do good deeds to attain His pleasure...

Zango women/girls

Female Education in the Zango community

My mother never had the opportunity to have a secular education. Her dad did not believe in Zango female secular education. Being the eldest daughter meant supporting the mother in taking care of her younger siblings. Like most men from his days, my...

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Ramadan has come upon us again and we can only be grateful for Allah’s mercies upon our lives. Everyone yearns for this beautiful month as it is a month filled with Allah’s Rahma and is also a means of finding our way back to Allah...

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